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[2017] VJDirector2 2.7.1861.0 released

1.Solve the D3D device loss problem
2.Fixed the software compatibility with Win10 system
3.Fixed the shortcut effect saving lost issue when open it again
4.Modify the graphic card output disabled after suspend in the low latency mode
5.Modify the output window status cannot be restored when click the right button to quit of graphic card output
6.modify when the corresponding channel of the shortcut key of special effects is not available, it will not be automaticly switched
7.hotkey function increase the respond of 1-9 and +/- in the numeric keypad
8.Fixed the resource/handle leak problem
9.Modify when long time code of static picture switching to dynamic picture, the rate will boost rapidly in the ABR mode
10.Correct the problem of code rate error in audio coding
11.Increase the support for buffertime in network stream
12.Solve the problem of no picture in the network stream
13.Increase the PIP transition effects (select different PIP effects, click ‘automatic’ can switch from PIP A to PIP B)
14.increase the Uighur version
15.Solve the problem of video and audio desynchronization due to the input
16.Interface optimization
17.Fixed the problem of out of play due to not enough buffer and only half of file path when autobroadcasting with multiple files loading
18.Fixed the reminder of activation again when stratup the program
19.Support image size and frame rate adjustment for virtual device output
20.Support LGPLite Stream Engine device capture
21.AVerMedia HD supports mixing video with other audio devices
22.Modify the software collapse problem caused by clock format erro
23.Modify the memory leak issue when remote CG updating
24.Modify the issue of VJVGACap
1)fixed crashes when frequent disconnection of multiple link
2)Fixed not sending data when frequent disconnection of multiple link
25.Support AVerMedia HD capture device
26.Modify when using decklink card as input, cannot automatically adjust the capture format into project format