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[2017]NSCaster 1.2.2564.0 released

1 recover the problem of APP control PTZ camera failure

2 Block adding the panorama menu to solve the crash problem when using 2D scene in Virtual Scene Editor

3 Add MP4 file security protection function

4 Solve the problem of software crash when pulling out the dougle during the software running

5 Add NSVSEditor 64 bit version

6 Modify the problem of CG font memory using too much

7 Add crash log file

8 Virtual sets increased to 50

9 modify issue of the recording is enabled for disconnected channels

10 add NET channel reconnection feature and transition feature in buffer time, reconnection time

11 modify the problem of interface blocking when operating the keyboard to stop recording

12.Startup error message output to the log box for AVI recording, MPEG2 recording, MP4 recording

13 modify the program crash issue caused by the recording status box

14 fix the black screen problem appears after virtual scene setting input

15 Solve the problem of Backup streaming URL get incorrect, and crash

16.Add MP4 streaming to multi-server function

17 save the project path of the modified new dialog box

18.CG dynamic data social media optimization

19.NSDesktop interface optimization

20.CG function optimization

21 modify the issue of some devices cannot be found by NDI search

22 modify the problem of network flow may not be reconnected

23.Adds del key to delete CG page feature in CG module

24 increase time setting feature for network stream buffer

25.Add preview mode in CG list

26.Modify Sound off in FTB mode

27 Modify the problem of map memory leak in some vritual scene