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[2017]NSCaster 1.3.3904.0 released

1.Add slow motion replay feature
2.Increase Nvidia streaming, multiple streaming (support UDP push streaming, RTSP push streaming, RTMP push streaming, HTTP TS,HTTP flv, m3u8 and other protocol)
3.Increase Nvidia recording feature, support H.264 and H.265 encoding, support PGM, PVW recording, PGM without logo and effects recording.
4.Increase recording mark feature
5.Optimize the user interface
6.Add hardware codec feature
7.Optimize video rendering
8.Add network source preview and view information feature
9.Add one button sharing feature
10.Modify the loaded PPT blur issue
11.Increase the DDR file transition with special effects
12.Graphic output increase PVW and AUX
13.Add TAB window remove and return feature
14.Optimize the CG editor operation
15.Modify the audio and video de-synchronization issue after long time streaming
16.Modify the output gamut incorrect issue
Optimize the software details, increase user friendliness, imporve software performance