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[2017]NSCaster in CCTV news

2017 Nagasoft portable live production system was reported as portable live broadcasting case in CCTV (China Central Television) 1 news In January 4th and in CCTV 2 news in January 6th. It illustrates the leading position of Nagasoft live production systems in the domestic broadcasting market.

In the report, the streaming media producer of CCTV News Center Li Zhe said: ‘CCTV news in 2016, occupied a great percentage of portable broadcasting. Our journalists conducted over 400 portable live broadcasting events this year and accumulated 820 million online audiences’. NSCaster was shown in the report and proved to be one of the live production systems CCTV accepted and adopted. And it is not difficult to see from the report, the future of portable broadcast market will continuously hot and developing.