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[2018]VJDirector2 2.8.1997.0 released

1.Revise some UI problems
2.Revise the drop-down box of safety channel is not optional in emergency state when stopping the delay broadcast
3.Revise the problem that file playback cannot be reset or replayed and video returns to the first frame
4.Optimize the long loading time of opening a project when the project has Net channel source
5.Change RTMP and RTSP to LAV decoding
6.Revise the background color rendering error in working area of CG editor
7.Revise the thumbnail reloading problem in transition effects
8.Support Apple Mac HDMI (with HDCP) capture
9.Add screen range pickup feature
10.Add other language source in vjvgacap program
11.Repair window list name duplication in vjvgacap program
12.Add the feature of mouse location selecting window in vjvgacap program
13.Revise the hardware control panel cannot work after close the software closing message box
14.Revise when emptying the log in message box, the information on the status bar is still displayed but message box cannot be opened by clicking status bar
15.Revise the preview and program title error when there are invalid resources in preview or program channel.
16.Start hardware decoding
17.Revise the issue of preview channel follows program channel when setting program channel by control panel or external keyboard
18.Rendering optimization (rendering, color space conversion, hardware decoding)
19.Revise the interleaved signal display error in channel and Multiview
20.Revise the CG remove failure when setting fade-in or fade-away and infinite loops at same time