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Nagasoft Live+ interconnection system:

Based on NDDIP (Nagasoft Director Device Interconnection Protocol), Nagasoft has created a new Live+ interconnection system throughout the entire equipment supply chain and service chain industry to achieve interconnection and interworking among a variety of core live production devices and front-end capture equipment (such as: mobile phone, encoder, UAV etc.) and subsequently formed the live broadcasting solution using network system.

Each Live production device added into the live+ interconnection system owns the a unique director code and corresponding QR code. To optimize the entire directing process, you can easily link front-end equipment with live production devices by entering director code or scanning the director QR code to optimize the entire directing process no matter where the front-end equipment is.

Live+ interconnection system has an open system framework and Nagasoft provides open SDK for third party vendors joining the Live+ system easily. Currently, it is available on iOS, Android and Windows SDK.

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