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china Titanium Raw Materials suppliers [Copy this link to quote]

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Gr1 Gr5 Titanium alloy Mesh suppliers
Titanium mesh
1. Introduction
    Titanium mesh is mainly used in acid, alkali environment conditions for screening and filter or for gas separation and liquid filtration, and other medium separation use.
2. Classification
     Plain titanium mesh
     It is the most common method of weaving, the main characteristic is the density of warp and weft wire diameter is the same.
    Twill titanium mesh
    Twill titanium mesh use the titanium wire which diameter is thicker than general plain weave, then the intensity of the mesh will be greater. It’s applicable to petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, aerospace and other industries. It has a good resistance to acid, alkali and high temperature, and strong tensile resistance and wear resistance properties.
    Titanium dense mesh
     It has the characteristics of filtering performance is stable and fine. Application: used for aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.
3. Specification
Mesh number: 1-400
Thickness: 0.5-2 mm, width: 100-300mm, coating thickness: 0.5-5um.
4. Material
TA1, TA2, GR!, GR2, GR3, GR5 and other material you need.
Material surface: 1. black surface (containing graphite coating) 2. Shinning surface (no graphite coating)
5. Features
    High purity titanium mesh in corrosion medium environment, will generate a layer of oxide film which is compact, strong adhesion, and big inertia on the surface, generate the passivation phenomena, protect the titanium mesh substrate from corrosion, so as to achieve strong corrosion resistance. Especially in the use of the following environment, corrosion resistance performance is more excellent, such as: sea water, wet chlorine, chlorite and hypochlorite solution, nitric acid, chromium acid metal chloride and organic salt, etc. Pure titanium mesh has long service life, safe and reliable operation.
6. Application
    Titanium mesh can be applied to high temperature resistant filter, shipbuilding, war industry manufacturing, chemical filter, mechanical filter, electromagnetic shielding mesh, high temperature furnace heat treatment desalination mesh, oil filter, food processing and medicine filtering these industries.
7. Our advantages
a. More 10 years experience, we are the factory.
b. Factory direct sales with competitive price.
c. Sophisticated technology, excellent quality.
china Titanium Raw Materials suppliers

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