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Share VJMS3 latest version was release.
2015-12-30 09:52
Server: 1.Support convert from pdf to swf. 2.Support document convert queue. 3.Fix rtmp caster bugs. 4.Fix split bugs. 5.Add transcode logo support. VJTVPlayer: 1.Fix bugs. 2.AD support mp4 files.
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Share NSCaster version latest version was release.
2015-12-23 17:40
1.Fix NSDesktop crash bug. 2.Fix load source dialog UI bug. 3.Not keep AR when set output size in FLASH/RTMP output. 4.Support play MXF files. 5.Fix crash bug with deinterlace feature in recording and streaming. 6.Upgrade decoders. 7.Modify default new project format to 1080p25. 8.Add 3 virt ...
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Share Nagasoft Celebrate Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Econo ...
2015-12-21 15:03
Naga from Nanjing Software Limited implementation of Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu TV project experience receive expert on-site visits, review relevant information, we have successfully passed the acceptance. Nanjing Naga software as a side projec ...
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Share Naga software technical support, "the first dance industry Internet Innovation S ...
2015-12-16 14:46
The dance sponsored by the China Network Strategy and Management Research Shanghai branch director, Tongji University Business School jointly organized golf, new red shoes dream, Blackpool Dance Festival, Beijing Red Shoes co inaugural three-day dance industry Internet Innovation Summit was ...
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Share Fifteenth China Education Information Technology Innovation and Development Foru ...
2015-12-14 17:29
This weekend, an information technology education event will be held in Hangzhou - the 15th China Education Information Technology Innovation and Development Forum and the 2015 National Education innovative applications of information technology achievements exhibition. Experts from univ ...
Personal category: Fifteenth China Education Information Technology Innovation and Development Forum|958 Read blog|0 Comment
Share NANJING NAGASOFT to participate in the 69th China Educational Equipment Exhibit ...
2015-12-14 16:33
69th China Educational Equipment Exhibition on October 31-November 2 was successfully held in Fuzhou Strait Convention Center. The three-day exhibition, exhibition covering early childhood education, basic education, vocational education at all levels of education technology and equipment product ...
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Share Introduction
2015-12-03 16:41
NANJING NAGASOFT is a software company. This company present a powerful live broadcasting software with lots of powerful features. Nagasoft want to change of the direction of the Media for live broadcasting, live streaming with NSCaster software real thing is it's ...
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Share [2015]Naga software VJDirector and NSCaster debut SET EXPO 2015 exhibition.
2015-12-01 09:40
[2015]Naga software VJDirector and NSCaster debut SET EXPO 2015 exhibition.
August 23, 2015, SET EXPO 2015 broadcast, and new media exhibition officially opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From around the world broadcasting and new media vendors gathered here, display and exchange among the forefront of the industry’s products and technologies. Nagasoft software portability fla ...
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