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    Our Singapore exclusive agent team is having their first project in The Hills Of Glory Church in Pampanga, Philippines and it can accommodate a congregation size of more than 2,000. The church needed an equipment for video production and live production. Our team was there to provide support and gave our best practice advices to help gear up the current infrastructure ready.

    Ensuring that media team understand how to manipulate the NSCASTER 358 software which allows mobile devices to connect wireless for real-time videos broadcast through the network. With the Tally-Call apps they are able to communicate with the producer smoothly & efficiently. After two days of training, the team was ready to operate the NSCASTER 358 with minimal guidance from our agent.

  • [Sports events] ANFA TV Sports Program

    Hevner An Der Fuhren, hired by Asociacion Nacional de Futbol Amateur de Chile (ANFA), using NSCaster to do the live broadcast ANFA TV PROGRAM. This sport program is broadcasted by cable TV in Friday and Sunday repeating play. And it performs an analysis of football matches of the week. NSCaster perfectly supports simultaneous controlling and editing multiple video, audio and other material. Feature is highly integrated and just a few people can complete the site directing, is your live recording and broadcasting of choice.

  • [TV Station] Nagasoft reach TV station in south America with Nscaster

    Chi Rita Mallorca province (Talca) of Diario el Centro television use NSCaster to televised.
    Traditionally, producing live high definition television has been very costly, requiring very expensive equipment and a large crew. NSCaster ncludes Nagasoft revolutionary LiveSet system to provide you with network quality virtual sets for ‘bigger than life’ production capabilities.

  • [Education] Nanjing Finance and Econimics School

    With the development of requirements, recording and broadcasting classroom of Nanjing Finance and Econimics School which constructed by Nanjing Nagasoft Corporation has been offically opened. The recording and broadcasting classroom is based on school’s real condition, combining with the most updated teaching concept, help school use the lowest cost to realize maximum utilization of resouces, in order to enhance the teaching quality and achieve high quality teaching.

  • [Live conference] The Youth Olympic Games

    As the host city of 2014 YOG, Nanjing YOG committee opened a talk show ” Youth Hall” to communicate with the audience. NSCaster was extraordinarily honored to be in charge of broadcasting the show alive to their network TV station and was very much proud to accomplish it efficiently and perfectly.

  • [TV Station] Chile Cable TV programs

    MASSIVO Reccords -Nagasoft Latin America reseller, sells professional Naga’s equipment and assists on-site to customers and friends in their productions, giving post-sales support in the use of our multi-camera professional production systems.They support the operation of the NSCaster TV Switch, a complete portable TV studio. Their client was in charge of the realization of one of the chapters of the program Hito Sport that is transmitted by Cable TV.

  • [Church Event] Singapore GK611 Church

    The Praise and Worship team of GA Youth from Malaysia carried out a mission trip at GK611 church in Singapore. OST Media powered by the Nagasoft NSCaster, provisioned live streaming of their concert on GK611 YouTube channel. This allowed members from the GA church in Malaysia to tune in and watch the simulcast.

    The NSCaster model 351 was used with connections to the static video camera from the control room, a PowerPoint computer and a smartphone.

  • [Internet TV Station] Ceremony of the change of command in Maipú

    In Chile client’s CCTV, at the ceremony of the change of command in the Municipality of Maipú, Naga’s live streaming software VJDirector2 witnesses the appointment of the new mayor Cathy Barriga. Naga’s product has been accepted and adopted by government based events and shows the ability of its reliable, high performance and cost-effective characteristics.

  • [Live conference] Hunan TV, ‘Dad, Where are we going’ press conferences

    One of the Chinese most popular reality show “Dad,where are we going?” held five press conferences in five different cities in one week. NSCaster streamed all their promotion events alive during the whole time. Five professional live events in five different provinces within one week, this is what suit-case-size live expert – NSCaster is capable of.

  • [Medical Treatment] The Navy Anqing Hospital

    The Navy Anqing hospital, founded in 1901, is a general hospital covering medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation nursing, first aid, physical examination and recuperation. NSCaster is used to do the Live demonstration teaching for tumor resection and rectal polyps resection surgery. With the high quality, low latency performance of Nagasoft’s live production system, valuable surgery resources can be shared in real time and promote the progress of the advanced medical industry.

  • [Game Industry] NCsoft Online Gaming

    Naga directed one machine NSCaster settled well-known game company in Korea. NCsoft is one of Korea’s most representative of the online gaming company, continuous development since its establishment in 1997, and becoming the world’s most successful Internet artifacts. With multi-terminal video signal acquisition capabilities NSCaster not only in the production webcast, taped programming capability, more easily qualified for the PC game live and become cost-effective solution of choice for varieties of games companies.

  • [Game industry] China Joy

    China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference, so called China Joy, is one of the most influential event in Chinese digital entertaiment industry and even all over the world. During ChinaJoy, NSCaster broadcasted one of Shanda’s game for the whole show. Every bit of their promotion events was streamed alive on the internet for their fans all over the world to enjoy.