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[2014] Naga VJDirector – A Perfect Solution for Low-budget Online Government Platform

In the storm of internet, almost every industry in China is on its way of consolidation with new media .As a matter of fact, the whole world is also on the move .From enterprise to government , everybody starts to embrace the internet .Lately, one of Naga’s Brazilian regular customer – Giorgio Assis published an artical “Uma bem-sucedida uni?o entre o bom e o barato” in a national magazine of ASTRAL TV and radio association legislature.He mainly elaborated a solution of online government platform based on Naga’s VJDirector .

Make the government public , make the law enforcement open . This is not just a Chinese-special slogan , it’s a fundamental call from every contry all over the world . In the artical , Giorgio came up with the suggestion of live broadcasting councils and public hearings of Jataí government.

He pointed out , the huge expense and complicated facilities make a public media platform seems so far away for most low-budget projects .However , with a price less than US$900 and extremely rich and powerful features , Naga VJDirector make the platform easily within reach .

Naga VJDirector is a Windows-based software workstation for multimedia editing, recording and broadcasting. It supports HD. Features include 10 input channels ,3D special effect switching, CG editor, PIP,VGA capture, camera capture, video capture, webcam capture , motion capture, virtual cam, subtitler, chromakey, logo, auto broadcasting , vitual studio ,network broadcasting system, simple drive broadcasting system and linear/nonlinear editing system.

Furthermore , VJDirector is not just a directing system . It is able to completely replace traditional broadcasting hardware production and provide perfect live streaming service for government , enterprise , media , education and even sports .