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[2018] NSCaster 1.3.4443.0 released

1.Fixed the out of sync problem of Nvidia Live 2.Fixed the problem of rtmp crash 3.Optimized the delay problem of Live+ Device 4.Fixed the problem of Keying 5.Revised the interleaved signal display error in channel and Multiview 6.Optimized remote desktop and remote camera operation 7.Add ‘minimize to the desktop’ function after login to Windows 8.Optimized delay broadcasting operation 9.Fixed some bugs

[2018]VJDirector2 2.8.1997.0 released

1.Revise some UI problems 2.Revise the drop-down box of safety channel is not optional in emergency state when stopping the delay broadcast 3.Revise the problem that file playback cannot be reset or replayed and video returns to the first frame 4.Optimize the long loading time of opening a project when the project has Net channel source 5.Change RTMP and RTSP to LAV decoding 6.Revise the background color rendering error in working area of CG editor 7.Revise the thumbnail reloading problem in tr…

[2018]NSCaster 1.3.4268.0 released

1. Modify the problem of CG file when the software is exited; 2. Cancel self-starting function after nsdesktop entering into windows; 3. Add PPT file selection interface; 4. Fix the problem that WPS table tool cannot be used; 5. Modify the problem that Live+ device cannot send tally signal in VGA and Net channels; 6. Repair PPT loading failure issue after new WPS update reset; 7. Crash fix in certain abnormal condition; 8. Repair main software crash after using Multiview switching display mode;…

[2017]VJMS3 3.4.2009.0 released

1. Uploading support H5+FLASH; 2. Support HLS playback function; 3. Live support rtsp/http, ts/udp, TS and other commonly used stream input (default to FLV); 4. Original udp:// and htts:// change to udp-raw:// and httpts-raw://; 5. support Dongle license; 6. Interface supports the JSON mode; 7. Support online quick editing; 8. Add HTML5 player; 9. Repair bugs

[2017]NSCaster 1.3.3904.0 released

1.Add slow motion replay feature 2.Increase Nvidia streaming, multiple streaming (support UDP push streaming, RTSP push streaming, RTMP push streaming, HTTP TS,HTTP flv, m3u8 and other protocol) 3.Increase Nvidia recording feature, support H.264 and H.265 encoding, support PGM, PVW recording, PGM without logo and effects recording. 4.Increase recording mark feature 5.Optimize the user interface 6.Add hardware codec feature 7.Optimize video rendering 8.Add network source preview and view informa…

[2017]NSCaster 1.2.2564.0 released

1.Fixed stuck interface problems when loading network stream 2.Repair software working failure becasue of system lock and other reasons 3.Repair black frame issue when network stream auto reconnection 4.Fixed the loading failure problem when net address with ‘&’ characters 5.Repair the problem of PPT file fuzzy in the channel

[2017] VJDirector2 2.7.1861.0 released

1.Solve the D3D device loss problem 2.Fixed the software compatibility with Win10 system 3.Fixed the shortcut effect saving lost issue when open it again 4.Modify the graphic card output disabled after suspend in the low latency mode 5.Modify the output window status cannot be restored when click the right button to quit of graphic card output 6.modify when the corresponding channel of the shortcut key of special effects is not available, it will not be automaticly switched 7.hotkey function in…

[2017]NSCaster 1.2.2564.0 released

1 recover the problem of APP control PTZ camera failure 2 Block adding the panorama menu to solve the crash problem when using 2D scene in Virtual Scene Editor 3 Add MP4 file security protection function 4 Solve the problem of software crash when pulling out the dougle during the software running 5 Add NSVSEditor 64 bit version 6 Modify the problem of CG font memory using too much 7 Add crash log file 8 Virtual sets increased to 50 9 modify issue of the recording is enabled for disconnected …

[2016]NSCaster 1.2.1906.0 released

1. Add NSAutoBroadcast software. 2. Add NSCGEditor, support for two-dimensional graphics, add new CG materials, CG templates. 3. Support Network Device Interface devices. 4. Support Background Settings of Channels. 5. Support mobile phone Backup Streaming, NSCaster Backup Streaming. 6. Support WebControl with NSCaster Control APP in IPAD. 7. Support CG publishing to each individual Channel. 8. Support social media in CG: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Microblog. 9. Support mosaic features in CG . 10. …

[2016]VJLiveEncoder released

1.To solve the problem that some server has stable streaming but no frame ( FMS, WOWZA, HITBOX etc.) 2.To solve the problem of the disable of establishing connection to push the flow with some servers (example, South American users Massivo Recorrds) 3.To fix the bug that some phones dose not support dual channel audio collection and abnormal audio due to coding error 4. Fix the bug that when flash lights are not available, the flashing lights control button cannot be clicked.