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[2016] NSCaster 1.1.1439.0 released

1.Add mosaic effects in CG Editor 2.Support remote camera in Android system 3.Fix channel CG flicker bug 4.Add download reminder of remote connection related software application 5.Fix unsaved issue in delay broadcast channel 6.Fix black line bug in military scene 7.Support copy pages in NSCGEditor 8.Optimize Chromakey effect 9.Support custom format modification in Clock 10.Add play, pause, stop function in CG page 11.Add to 32 virtual sets

[2015] NSCaster 1.0.761.0 released

1.Fix project save bug. 2.Fix VI and follow bug. 3.Fix Username and SN include space character can’t be verified bug. 4.Add military scene. 5.Fix some scene have chinese charater problem.

[2015] VJDirector2 2.7.1735.0 released

1. Fix usb control panel detect problem. 2. Fix channel CG size problem. 3. Chromekey support no backgroud. 4. H.264 default keyframe interval change to 100. 5. Fix some bugs of VJCGEditor. 6. VJCGEditor support zoom. 7. Fix the compatibility problem with the Haali Splitter. 8. Support decoder blacklist. 9. Support Hauppauge and Conexant Polaris devices. 10. Add extend effect(vjfx) and CG template to setup files.

[2014] VJMS3 3.0.1287.0 released

1.Fix HLS problem. 2.Improve HTTP protocol performance. 3.Add recode progress api. 4.Fix lots of bugs.

[2014] VJDirector2 2.5.1594.0 released

1.VJVGACap modify UI. 2. VJVGACap add autostart option. 3. Add channel CG type. 4. Format project file, easy to read. 5. Fix memory leak problem. 6. Fix vjfx have problem on ATI display card. 7. Change effect picture to gif. 8. Fix Autobroadcast2 crash problem. 9. Fix MP4 output problem on WIN8/WIN8.1. 10.Modify BUY/DEMO link. 11.Modify some error information. 12.Fix can’t display new effect type. 13.Add D3D init error message. 14.Modify the rotation center of CG from left-top corner to c…