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Q: Where can I find the capture card?

Q: Is there any free trial available?

Q: I don't see the price for certain products. How?

Q: What do I need to do live streaming?

Q: I am new to live streaming, What products would you recommend?

Q: If I only want to share my live streaming with certain people but not on social media, is that possible?

Q: Can the license be installed on more than one PC?

Q: Can Nagasoft run on a Mac?

Q: How do I upgrade the software?

Q: I have a question not listed here, where can I get an answer?

VJDirector2 Software

Q: What’s the difference between VJdirector2 streaming, standard, ultimate and delux?

Q: If I have bought x86 edition and want to get x64, what should I do?

Q: If I have bought VJDirector1 a few years ago and want to upgrade to VJDirector2, which edition will I get?

Q: What is the CG editor?

Q:How to use the VJVGA capture function?

Q: Does VJDirector2 include any hardware such as video capture card?

Q: Why does the white color of the corer banner disappear?

Q: Why does some switch effect class have no effect?

Q: Why does the software use so many cpu and memory resources?

Q: Why does the software point out failure to channel load source?

Q: What is the difference between unregistered edition and registered one?

Q: Why pops up an error dialog box when software starts?

Q: If I want to upgrade my VJDirector2 or VJMS, what should I do?

Q: What capture cards can VJDirector2 support?

Q: Motherboard is not compatible with several 1394 cards, how to solve it?

Q: Why still no image after loading the capture card?

Q: Why still no image after loading a media file?

Q: Why could not launch the VJDirector2 or just a gray interface?

Q: How to solve the non-synchronous problem between video and audio in the recorded files or live broadcast by network stream?

Q: How to solve the frames losing problem in 1080p project on AVI file record?

Q: How to solve the synchronization and non-fluency problem in the MP4 recorded files?

Q: How to repair the broken file when a crash of VJDirector2 occurs during the MP4 file recording?

Q: How to start Intel.h264 encoder?

NSCaster Software

Q: How to start PGM output?

Q: How to activate the NSCaster?

Q: How to add the more channels in NSCaster? If possible, how many cameras’ channels, VGA channels, NET channels, DDR channels, Virtual channels we can add?

Q: How to use the NSCG Editor with different computer into NSCaster?

Q: If NSCaster crashes, what to do?

Q: Which is the best quality for recording AVI, MPEG2, MP4 if I select MPEG2, MP4, AVI, then which configuration settings is I have to choose for a good quality?

Q: Can NSCaster stream to any streaming server? If yes, then I have to configure manually or NSCaster have default setting for streaming server?

Q: Did NSCaster have image Snapshot feature?

Q: Can NSCaster update automatically?

Q: Did NSCaster have shortcuts key?

Q: Can NSCaster support all capture devices?

Q: If I stream to any streaming server at a time, how many servers can I stream with NSCaster? If it can support then will the software become slow or work normally with the functions?

Q: Can NSCaster support Skype calling?

Q: Did NSCaster have virtual device feature?

Q: Can NSCaster install on Mac?

Q: Did NSCaster has autobroadcast feature and slow motion feature?

Q: Why camera image not captured?

Q: HEVC vs H.264 - Which one is better?

Q: What is a video bitrate?

Q: What is the difference between Unicast and Multicast?

Q: What is a RTMP server?

Q: What is HTTP Live Streaming?

Q: How to set live streaming to the lowest latency?

Q: Why it will prompt MAYA card need to activate?

Q: In NSCaster, what are the graphics card requirements for Nvidia recording and live streaming?

Q: How to collect computer desktops through the network?

Q: When open NSCaster project, it prompts “cannot find the encryption lock”?

NSCaster X1

Q: What should I do if the camera signal is not displayed?

Q: What should I do if the live webcast is not stream?

Q: What can I do if WIFI cannot connect?

Q: What can I do if 4G cannot connect?

Q: What should I do if the device fails to boot?

Q: What to do when the recorded files cannot be opened at all, saying that the file is corrupt or not supported?

Q: What can I do if prompt up (Import failed) when import the file from external hard disk?