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TV Station

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      Our webcasting services are specially designed to satisfy different types of events and effectively help you reach a much wider audience in real time. Live webcasting can greatly increase the engagement and build customer relations. This is often used to for product launching, news and entertainment broadcasting to improve content delivery networks and boost revenue.

      Our TV program live system allows video signals to stream to the network platform and uploads local files to the live broadcasting simultaneously. With powerful features such as transition effects, CG editor, channel overlay, real-time chroma key and virtual sets to satisfy all program scenes and create a unique and interesting live program.

      Nagasoft has replaced the traditional broadcasting trucks with a lightweight and compact device to provide better performance. It is very popular among private TV stations and local media institutions as the software interface is easy to use. Our devices make live broadcasting possible with only two operators required. The affordable and compact designs offer more opportunities and competitions to the small and medium sized TV stations.

Nagasoft Case Example

[TV Station] Nagasoft reach TV station in South America with Nscaster

      Chi Rita Mallorca province (Talca) of Diario el Centro television use NSCaster to televised. Traditionally, producing live high definition television has been very costly, requiring very expensive equipment and a large crew. NSCaster ncludes Nagasoft revolutionary LiveSet system to provide you with network quality virtual sets for ‘bigger than life’ production capabilities.