NSCaster (Professional Live Studio)

NSCaster is an elite multi-camera production system that meets all your needs for a live production. We provide both software license and portable device solution.

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NSCaster Software For Windows

NSCaster Software Features

NSCaster is a powerful live broadcasting software which presents lots of powerful features, including remote camera, 3D trackless virtual scene, real time GPU chroma key, CG subtitle and remote CG publishing, audio mixer, multiview, PTZ camera control, remote connection etc.

Remote Camera

• Multi-Channel Input, Switch, Recording and Streaming
• Multiple choices of camera input support, SDI/HDMI/Analog Cameras, IP Cameras, iPhone/iPad Cameras, Sports Cameras, UAV aerial Cameras, etc.
• Full-interface input support
• Remote Desktop for capture remote desktop by IP network (Windows Only)
• Network Streaming support
• Remote Connection for remote interview
• Remote Camera support for IOS/ Android device

CG Subtitles

• Supports CG overlay and remote CG publishing
• Each CG page includes subtitles, text, image, image sequence, timer, clock and channel
• NSCGEditor, supports two-dimensional graphics, CG materials and CG templates
• Social media in CG: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Microblog
• Mosaic features in CG

NSCaster control APP in IPAD

• Controls the NSCaster operation by App using iPad
or several iPads simultaneously
• Reduces the pressure of NScaster operator during the broadcast
• Operated by iPad instead of control panel


• Solves the problem of interrupt signal caused by device failure
• Backup mobile or NSCaster automatically to ensure broadcast safety

Network Device Interface

• Makes it easy to share high quality video over a local Internet network
• Allows a huge number of channels to be monitored and recorded all at once

Amazing 3D Virtual Sets

NSCaster has many built-in 2D and 3D virtual sets, you can use the NSVSEditor to modify the built-in virtual sets or create new one based on your activities
• Supports 4-camera 3D virtual sets with high quality real-time chroma key
• Controls the moving progress of the moving path
• Unique virtual sets overlay function

All in One Design

NSCaster is a professional all-in-one full HD live production device. NSCaster device is highly integrated and it only requires simple equipment and a few members to quickly set up a professional studio and produce high-quality video programs.

Remote Connection

Remote connection is used to do remote interview, user interact, live report, etc
• First controllable remote interaction design globally
• Real-time backhaul technology of remote video signals in remote terminals
• Low latency and real-time interaction technology in the network environment
Connects remote video source for more interaction to make your live show much more alive

Large Collection of Transition Effects

Hundreds of Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube and CubeZoom transitions are available
You can customize transition effect using VJEffectEditor and export the transition effect into NSCaster

Rich Input/Output Choices

Video Cameras:4 - SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI (NS350/351/358A)
6 - SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI (NS370/371)
Web Source: 1- Support all common formats (NS350/351/358A)
2- Support all common formats (NS370/371)
DDR: 2 Virtual Set: 4
Common Interface: 1 - SDI/HD-MI/DVI/VGA
NSCaster also supports GoPro to stream sports games and all kinds of live outdoor events
Supports network video stream and video files output, graphics cards to connect with projector and other devices directly

NSCaster Software Technical Specification

Delay Broadcast Physical signal output and streaming support delayed broadcast, and can be switched to the safe video and audio inthe case of emergency to ensure the broadcast safety. Delay time is adjustable with a maximum if 60 seconds.
Transition Effects Wipe,silde,page,dissolve,strtch,PIP,3D and swap, more than 200 built-in transition 2D or 3D effects.
Transition Effect Editor Provide transition effect editor for customization.
3D Trackless Virtual Scene Many built-in professional 2D and 3D virtual scenes, covering news, finance, education, military, interviews, entertainment, sports and other applications. Continue develop new virtual scene for update. Also provide virtual scene editor for customization.
ChromeKey All inputs support real-time chromakey with GPU accelerated
Built-in Audio Mixer Support VU minitoring and gain control per channel, supports dBVU/dBu/dBFS VU standard, and each channel can operate independently.
Subtitle Provide subtitle panel to publish simple text subtitle to PVW or PGM. Support txt file import.
CG Supports CG overlay. Each CG file includes one or multiple CG pages, and each CG page includes subtitles, text, image, image sequence, timer, clock and channel.
CG Editor Provide VJCGEditor for CG editing. The extension of CG file is *.vjcgf.
Remote Subtitle/CG Publish Support remote publish CG for overlay by IP network.
Logo Logo panel for publishing logo to PVW or PGM. Each logo have four preset positions corresponding to the four corners.
Clock Display a system clock on PVW or PGM. Can set the clock position, format and the clock text format.
Remote Connection Use for remote interview, user interact, live report, etc. Remote guest can connect video and audio by computer/phone/tablet computer into NSCaster.
Remote Desktop Provide Remote Desktop to capture the computer screen. Users have to install the Bonjour service & VJVGA capture software in computer to capture the computer desktop with LAN.
PTZ Control NSCaster support RS232/RS485 PTZ camera with Visca/Pelco-D/Pelco-P protocol and also support IP camera with onvif protocol. NSCaster support following PTZ operations: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Aperture, Preset call and save.
Freeze Frame Click freeze button to freeze the video.
Grab The Grab is used to grab Program images and save to image files, also the grabbed image files can be added into DDR for playback.
Multiview Support Multiview in external display monitor. Five multiview modes including single screen, quad screens, ten screens, thirteen screens, sixteen screens.
Remote Camera (ios/android) Can use the IOS/Android device camera as a remote camera to capture the video in NSCaster, user have to Install Bonjour service in advance.
IP Camera Input Support IP camera input. Need to set Input camera name and address. If the camera supports PTZ, check“Start PTZ control”, then input parameter for PTZ control.
Social Media Support Support RSS address input and load an Excel file.
Channel Overlay It is used to overlay other channel to current channel. One to four channels can be choosen.
Customize Channels Count and Type Supports channels count and type customization based on project requirements.
Streaming Support RTMP streaming to servers outside China (not support Chinese server and streaming platform), support Facebook, YouTube, etc.
*This software is not applicable to China Mainland

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