Nagasoft offers a wife variety of fantastic products to cater different sectors and situations whether you're just getting started or a professional live streamer. We understand that it can be complicated sometimes to figure out what is the best product to meet your solution. Let us know your needs and budget, our sales and support specialists will customize the best workflow and streaming solution for you.


Are you making money on social media as influencer? Do you know the old-school blogging tactics or an ordinary video making is no longer the way to promote your social profile? It is outdated! You need to start upping your game with what really works today.

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Like with any other digital marketing channel, live streaming will become over-populated in no time. If you keep up with the digital marketing trends, you will realize marketers are using live streaming, the “shoppertainment” concept to attract customers.

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Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge with the world? Now you can do that with live streaming for education and E-Learning and you are no longer restricted by physical limitations of single classroom in a specific location. With that, students can watch the experts in their field as they solve problems in real time.

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Live Worship

In this 21st Century, religious organizations provide live streaming service with great features and allow religious believers to worship from anywhere all around the world. With the advancement of technology, religious organizations especially Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist can now reach greater audience and assist those who can't otherwise attend services.

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Running a company isn't easy, especially the big multinational companies. Management problems and decision making in various industries tend to be problematic where there is a lack of communication. To resolve the distance issues and make business more efficient and effective

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Are you a professional gamer or wishing to earn a living by playing games? Live streaming games online has evolved the gaming industry and made gaming a genuine career. Turn your passion into engaging stories to be shared through live streaming.

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Do you know that live sports streaming is the forthcoming industry that has witnessed unchanging growth over the past few years? With the increasing use of technology, more people are now using live streams to watch sports events on the tablets and smartphones anywhere anytime they want

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Live Wedding

Some of your friends and family can't make it to your wedding? In the digital era, distance is almost irrelevant and you can now broadcast and share this special moment with your loved ones who are unable attend and let them be part of it. No matter if you are married at Caribbean beach or the summit of Aspen Mountain

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TV Station

Our webcasting services are specially designed to satisfy different types of events and effectively help you reach a much wider audience in real time. Live webcasting can greatly increase the engagement and build customer relations. This is often used to for product launching, news and entertainment broadcasting to improve content delivery networks and boost revenue.

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With Nagasoft system, broadcasting becomes easier and simple!

There are many ways to create original video source: camera, satellite signals plug-in, desktop content and PPT files and local video/audio files. After the data stream is softly switched, directed and broadcasted through VJDirector and Nscaster, it goes straight to the video center (enclosed with pink lines).There are two major members in the video center: VJCMS, the content management subsystem, and VJMS, the live broadcasting and VOD subsystem. These two parts which provide fundamental live services and VOD are the core of the whole system.The video stream will be transmitted to the network server or local storage on demand via the video center. Now, the clients can choose to watch from TV, website, electronic display, smart phone or iPad no matter where they are.

Simply smooth and quality experience, that’s what Nagasoft offers you.